Engaging Attendees at Your Event is Great

But what if you could extend that engagement to every day of the year? What if you could:

  • Get your members to connect with you and each other all year long
  • Boost member engagement and advocacy on topics of primary importance to your organization
  • Help committee members work easily and efficiently together
  • Generate revenue all year long
  • Help attendees navigate all your events big (like your annual conference) and small (like your webinars and training sessions)
  • Educate members
  • So much more

Here are our tips on extending the life of your event so you can do all of the above, and more


How to Keep the Good Energy of the Event Going

Don’t you love that warm fuzzy feeling when your event is over. You know you’ve done a good job, your attendees have learned a lot, had fun, and networked with each other, and you’ve generated a ton of sponsorship revenue. Everyone is happy. So how do you keep that feeling going.

Create Videos.

Videos live on forever. Create tons of videos at your event. Video the speedy event check-in, capture the glowing attendee testimonials, video speaker Q & A’s and presentations … video as much as you can. You can put out all this great post-event content long after the event is over and tie the content into topics on your blog or social media.

Take Photos

how to engage event attendees
Post those on your website and social media. Post photos from the event all year long to build buzz for next year’s event

Curate the Best Content.

Create content around one or more of your best speaker topics. Review all your sessions even prior to your event. See if there is a common thread that you can create a larger piece of content around, or create smaller pieces of content that tie into these topics. Then release those content pieces all year long through your various social media and other information channels.

Follow-up Communication.

Follow up with your attendees post-event. While nurturing your leads and thanking attendees for coming, this would also be a good opportunity to share photos or other content.

Post-Event Webinar Series.

Take the best topics from sessions at your event and make them into webinars and drip them out on a monthly basis.

Live Streaming and Session Recording.

Most importantly, make your content available to those people who could not attend the event, and open it up to the wider world via live streaming and recording of your event. Extend the life of your sessions by making them available digitally to people who can’t attend. Repurpose and repackage your recorded content in different ways. And get your viewers engaged with Q and A, live chat and more. And it’s even easier if your Live Stream integrates with your AMS.

Ongoing Charitable Projects.

Start a charity project at the inception of your event that you publicize throughout the event and keep that project going all year long, delivering a steady stream of fundraising and activity stats on your organization’s ties to that project.

These are just the first of many strategies to engage attendees beyond your event. Learn how to leverage event technology to keep the engagement going all year long and more in our free guide to engaging event attendees.