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Are you looking for an easier way to organize speaker submissions for your events, conferences and meetings? When it comes to managing, planning and preparing for a business occasion, you want everything to be as organized and well-integrated as possible. Every aspect of your event is important — including the platform you use to prepare.

When you’re looking for technology to streamline your conference preparation process, we offer a comprehensive speaker management and abstract submission software solution.

Our software makes it easy to:

  • Accept session content and abstract submissions
  • Allow for multiple submission types (for instance e-posters, abstracts and scientific papers)
  • Score submissions and invite board or committee members to participate in scoring
  • Build your agenda once sessions are finalized or approved
  • Send communications to submitters and reviewers. (Prompt completion of submission, reminder emails, etc.)
  • Simply migrate your finalized event agenda into the on-site event app and website.

As the event manager or planner, it’s your job to make sure the event runs smoothly — and managing speaker schedules is an integral part of the process. You need to collect speaker submissions, review abstracts, send emails, organize your agenda, and manage both the content and the attendees. It can be a lot to juggle without the proper system — but with advanced abstract and submission management software, organizing your speakers and schedule is simple.

Collect and Manage Content

No more tedious data entry or sorting through disorganized entries. With our conference abstract and session management software, your collection and review process becomes incredibly simple. Our customizable interface allows you to collect various types of submissions and accompanying documents; configure your submission settings to suit your process; and even set up payment solution for submissions. When your abstracts and documents are in the system, you can sort through, review, approve and manage content with a few simple clicks. Track submission status, organize your agenda and keep everything in order for your event. Our streamlined software makes the process possible.

Content Submissions, Simplified

Your contributors need a hassle-free and easy way to submit content. That’s why we simplified the submission process: contributors can submit content in various forms such as poster sessions, general sessions and educational courses all from the same online portal.

Easy Access for All

We know a lot of people are involved in designing your event content: reviewers, speakers, board members, education managers and more. Our session management platform makes it easy to provide access to all parties to grade, rank and provide feedback on content submissions. All graders and reviewers receive special access that’s separate from the administrative privileges of event managers; ensuring the right people have the right functionality and your content remains protected.

Ready for Publishing

Once your event agenda and content are finalized, they can simply be moved to your event app and conference website. Publishing is easy with this streamlined flow of data from the speaker and abstract management software into your app, website and other on-site solution.

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Why Choose Our Abstract and Session Management Solution

As a flexible, comprehensive solution to your event management needs, we make it easy to collect content, communicate with participants and organize your occasion as efficiently as possible. With a full range of advanced, customizable features and the ability to integrate with more than 40 CRMs and AMS systems, our platform is more than a tool — it’s the key to your success.


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