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Engage your audience beyond an in-person conference or event with live webinars, webcasts and more. Scheduling conflicts can prevent valuable attendees from coming to your event. Others may only be able to stay for one or two days and won’t be able to benefit from the full experience.

With our live stream and recording software, remote attendees can access your stream in real-time on their devices. This change can dramatically enlarge your audience to include individuals all over the world. Plus, you can extend the life of your event by distributing the recorded content for playback. There’s no telling how many additional leads or new future attendees you can capture by providing a quality live stream and recording experience.

Transform Your Online Interface Program

Our reliable webcasting software can help transform and streamline your online interface program. Concerns about buffering, inconsistent video and audio and video failure will fade away at your next live streaming event. We have an extremely stable platform you can rely on, with fail-safes in place to make sure there are no or minimal interruptions to audience members watching remotely.

We understand how critical it is that your live stream works the way it’s supposed to. You don’t want your audience to have a negative experience. That’s why we go the extra mile to make sure our live stream and recording capabilities perform optimally every time.

Once your event or seminar is over, it will be easy for your audience to view the recording on-demand. If someone who viewed the live stream wants to share it with a colleague, they will have no problem doing so.

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To appreciate all the benefits of our webcasting software, you have to experience it for yourself. Start by signing up for a free software demo. You’ll have the opportunity to walk through some of the core features and get an idea of how the platform can work to make your enterprise more successful.

If you need more information about pricing, live streaming your event, or how to configure any of the software features that work best for you, our experts are happy to help. Just contact us online with your query or give us a call at 1-800-376-9174.


Interested in learning more?

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