From time to time, people change their plans (or their minds) due to a wide-variety of reasons. The Configio platform enables your customers to cancel orders and initiate refunds. This self-refund tool can be very useful, as the automation can reduce your customer service costs. It is critical, however, to control when a self-refund can occur and what percentage of the charge will be refund, and Configio has built in these controls. The tool uses refund profiles, and these profiles are assigned to products. The profiles have tiers, which create refund windows, and you can define how much is refunded depending on their tier. For example, you can allow a 75% refund the week of purchase, a 50% refund the month of purchase, and disallow refunds after that. Self-refunds use the same processes as administrative refunds, and so things like charges for shipping and tax are re-calculated to keep your books correct. You can also define on a per-tier basis that the refund automatically goes through, or you can define that it has to be approved by an Admin. Configio can send an email to you when a refund that requires approval has been requested, then it can send an email to the customer when it has been approved or denied, and then it can send an email to you after it has been processed. In addition to letting your customers process refunds themselves, you can have agents of your partner organizations process refunds for members of their organizations. This is just one of a growing list of features that are part of Configio’s extended enterprise capabilities. We recognize the functional needs of our clients often extend to their partners, and so when appropriate, we extend new administrative capabilities to our Coordinator Portal, so that your partner organizations can benefit from them as well.
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