“Content is King!” hailed Bill Gates in 1996. He was right then, and he is still right now. It is content that drives the information superhighway, and today, anyone can get aboard. However, to stand above the crowd, business professionals cannot merely be content with their Content Management System, they must be awed by it. Content is only as good as they system used to generate and manage it, and in that regards, Configio is the kingmaker!

Most Content Management Systems (CMS) pigeonhole you into what is most expedient for them. You get a WSIWYG editor, a layout, and that’s it. Configio’s CMS breaks the mold. You have a wide array of widgets to drag and drop into vast library of layouts, with fascinating tools to create breathtakingly beautiful and endlessly customizable pages of fabulous content.

Do you want a unique theme for every page? You got it. Need to secure content so that only logged in account holders can access it? No problem. Want to sell memberships for VIP content access? Simple. Need to create a variety of content, such as Company News and Blog Posts. Sure. Want to integrate your Product Catalog? We can do that.

Learn more about the Configio CMS by reading our white paper, contact us today for a free demonstration by one of our sales professionals, and as always, remember Configio will be there for you on each and every step of your journey.

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