Case Study


Poliquin Group was looking for a one-stop shop solution that would enable them to make it easier for customers to purchase online courses as they were losing value on an intuitive front-end shopping experience. By automating the entire shopping cart process, Poliquin was able to create a user-friendly and seamless buying experience for its users and deliver their propriety learning content using Configio.

Company profile

Poliquin Group provides educational courses that work to improve trainers and strengthen coaches to meet their client needs. Poliquin Group™ seminars expose students to methods and strategies to optimize client performance. The Poliquin Group™ Online Education platform gives trainers the freedom to take courses at their own convenience. With a complete, one-stop shop approach, providing education, products and software that work together to take away the guesswork and put the focus back on getting the best results for clients.

The challenge

The question for Janelle Avila, Poliquin Group Director of Development, was how to make it convenient for all marketing activities to be set within a single platform. Instead of using multiple systems for email management and campaign executions, the team wanted a platform in which they could manage and track all their activities from a single source.

We were using one platform for our email campaign management, one for our shopping cart and another for instructional portals and educational systems. It was difficult having to constantly switch from one to another.

All our customer data was in different places and we couldn’t create a single place in which each touchpoint was recorded. It impacted the way we communicated with our clients. We weren’t on the same page as them, and that is something that is crucial for us.”

– Janelle Avila, Poliquin Group Director of Development

Another problem was the inability to track all marketing campaigns. Without this ability, it meant campaigns weren’t being properly measured. Campaigns were operating in a silo. Without a central hub, it became impossible to see the larger picture using reports that gave complete visibility of all business processes and achievements.

Finally, the biggest setback for Poliquin was how to manage their eCommerce store. Before implementing Configio, the course provider’s on-site search functionality wasn’t cutting it. With a large array of products, visitors were having trouble with navigation. The store that was being used was lacking in on-site search functionality and a disorganization of products.

Ultimately, Configio was selected because of its ability to integrate all marketing processes in a single hub to make for an intuitive eCommerce and Learning Management platform, as well as its ability to provide a rich and engaging email experience for buyers.

The solution

Tasked with finding the best LMS solution, Avila sought a system that was flexible, customizable and scalable. Flexible for the reasons that they needed to organize courses in such a way that would suit the needs of instructors and coaches. Customizable, so that they could configure the platform to their needs. And scalable, so that as they continue to grow, they will able to keep their learning management costs low.


We automated everything, which enabled us to take a lot off our plate so we could focus on big picture solutions rather than day-to-day manual tasks.

– Janelle Avila, Poliquin Group Director of Development

Configio Reporting & Analytics

WIth Configio, Poliquin Group got rid of all the tedious, repetitive tasks of the marketing process and was able to create progress reports automatically while including a snapshot of their successes every month. The progress reports were sent via email to C-level executives and there was complete visibility into all marketing processes. The team was able to save up to 10 hours a week creating reports quickly and efficiently.

Email Management

Configio enabled Poliquin Group to create email lists and campaigns that were used to improve traffic, visibility and awareness to the brand. Configio helped to track and report on all email activities and from there devise the kind of email strategies that worked to generate revenue through online sales. With automated email management, it became possible to develop long-term relationships and up-sell existing clients.

Single Platform

With Configio, Poliquin Group was able to operate from one single platform instead of campaigns and activities that were handed in silos. From email to eCommerce, Poliquin Group was using Configio’s features like shopping carts, content management, instructional portals, and automatic email and course notification.


We have peace of mind now knowing that everything is stored in a central location instead of all of our programs and processes operating in a silo.”

– Janelle Avila, Poliquin Group Director of Development

The results

We automated everything, which enabled us to take a lot off our plate so we could focus on big picture solutions rather than day-to-day manual tasks,” says Avila. Now that the team was able to save on time, it was able to focus on improving the business side of their operations. “Because nothing was ever in one place and we were using multiple systems, it’s now become easier to track and manage all of our processes.” We have peace of mind now knowing that everything is stored in a central location instead of all of our programs and processes operating in a silo. From saving time, to enhancing the customer experience, and now providing excellent customer support, the adoption of Configio has changed the way we operate our business, today.