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Is your business or association planning an important event? Whether you’re hosting a conference or organizing a community event, the planning process is as important as the big event itself.

You want your event to attract the right audience, impress attendees, run smoothly and make a great impression. Whatever kind of occasion you plan, it will do more than offer an experience — it will lay the groundwork for branding, business development, community outreach and the success of future events.

The conference date might be the star of the show, but it all starts with event registration — so make sure you do it right.

Make the Right Event Registration Tool Choice

The success of any event starts with its online presence. A high-performing event website is crucial to your marketing and promotion efforts.

Once on your website, your potential attendees will look for an easy way to sign up and your attendees will want an easy tool to use on an ongoing basis. Like your marketing message and site structure, the event registration software you choose needs to be targeted to your audience. With a platform like Configio, you can make sure you’re providing attendees with a seamless experience as soon as they sign up.

Why Conference Registration Software Is Vital for Your Event

Before you pick the right tool for your conference registration management, you might be wondering how your choice of software can make such a big impression on your event. The best online registration system simplifies the process and ensures your event success by helping you:

Reach a wider audience: Just like marketing your business, outreach and promotion are the best way to gain a following for your event. Using the right event registration software makes it easy for users in your field to find — and commit to attending — your event. Configio’s built-in search engine optimization tools help you reach a wider audience than you would with a regular registration website. Our automated email marketing tools will also help you reach visitors to your website with abandoned cart reminders, social sharing invitations and additional product upsell reminders.

Attract targeted attendees: Looking for a specific kind of audience? Marketing with SEO-targeted software can attract exactly the users you want at your event — and when your system is integrated with an easy registration process, targeted potential attendees who find your event website will be more easily persuaded to register right away.

Make registration simple: No one wants to go through a long, laborious process to sign up for an event— in fact, it might stop some people from coming to your event at all. But when registering is as simple as a few clicks, you’ll attract and retain many more attendees. Configio’s registration platform also allows for one-time group registrations or even roster uploads, helping your attendees complete their registration quickly and easily.

Manage payments: You need a simple way to keep track of registration payments and to manage ticketing. The right conference registration software offers you a secure way to process payments and provide registration service. Utilize Configio’s robust reporting dashboard to monitor registration totals, compare numbers to previous years and gain insight into the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

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The Online Event Registration Platform That Will Gear You up for Success

When you’re looking for a registration tool to streamline the sign-up process, attract more attendees, and improve the event for both your organization and your users, Configio is the tool to propel you to success. As an advanced, all-in-one online platform with features for all your event planning needs, this software offers the flexibility, customization and comprehensive options to kick-start your registration. Use the Configio platform to:


Create, build and manage your event website and registration portal. With Configio’s easy-to-use drag and drop editor, you can fully brand your website to match your event plus attract and retain potential attendees online — while persuading them to register.


Use Configio’s email marketing and built-in search engine optimization tools to easily promote and sell registrations for your upcoming event or conference.


Ensure attendees experience a unique, secure checkout page that makes registration simple. This platform lets you provide individual and group registration options, offer complex discounts and customize the purchasing experience for your attendees.


Engage your potential prospects and send reminders with automated email and SMS messages for unfinished registrations, registration reminders, scheduling and more.


Explore the preferences and demographics of registering attendees with Configio’s advanced reporting dashboard. Discover registration trends by title, industry, region and more.


Simplify the search and registration process — and so much more — by configuring Configio’s settings to your unique event needs.

Getting Started With Configio

Configio is more than an online event registration tool — it’s a comprehensive platform designed to streamline your entire event planning process. With seamless CRM integration and customizable configurations, this software will work with your existing systems and cater to all your event needs. Ready to start simplifying your online registration process and more? Contact us online or call us at 1-800-376-9174 to request a demo today.


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