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Exhibitors invest in your events because they’re hoping to attract new customers. Lead retrieval devices and technology enable exhibitors to easily capture valuable leads at your events. These leads help exhibitors maximize their ROI and keep coming back to your events to acquire new business.

As part of the Event Tech Suite of Services by Community Brands, we offer advanced lead retrieval solutions to give exhibitors the tools they need to succeed.

Innovative Lead Retrieval Solutions

Our lead retrieval technologies are user-friendly and offer built-in marketing features so you can capture data and grow your enterprise. Many options are available for shows of all sizes and budgets.

  • Built-in App: What better way to collect leads than via an app that uses your phone’s camera to scan an attendee’s badge barcode?! Allows users to qualify leads, dictate notes, record notes and view your leads directly on the app.
  • Hand-held Device: Economical, point and shoot, hand-held badge scanner to collect leads quickly and efficiently. Scan and store attendee information with ease and then view leads after the event in a password-protected online portal.
  • Wireless Hand-held Device: Offers built-in badge scanner plus touch screen to display attendee name and other key information; plus allows exhibitors to take notes and set custom qualifiers. Leads are synced automatically and downloaded to your online portal so you can access them at any time.

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Our lead retrieval options will allow your exhibitors to collect leads more quickly, accurately and efficiently than ever before, leading to high satisfaction with your event for all involved.

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