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Event Planning Software That Makes Your Job Easier

Are you a business, company, venue or association with a strong need for effective event planning tools? Whether you’re hosting a professional conference, a franchise expo or a community event, any successful event requires successful management — you need to organize the logistics, manage your vendors, make sure your supplies are in order and so much more.

Whatever event day entails, you want it to be a big hit — and what better way to deliver an excellent experience than by using an excellent platform?

Your Event Planning Toolkit

Now, managing your vendors and logistics is a breeze. With our robust tool, you can plan and organize all your meeting specifications in one place. One platform processes all your spec data, to maximize your time, staff and budget.

Our comprehensive event planning tool streamlines the process from start to finish. Use Configio to:

  • Manage Staff: We make it simple to hire and schedule staff, volunteers and on-site temp workers, be it 1 or 1000.
  • Manage Vendors: With our robust platform, vendors can work alongside your event planners to confirm details and gain necessary data for their particular tasks.
  • Request Functions: Your staff can request rooms, supplies and more with a click of a button
  • All With Robust Reporting: Highly visual, robust reports give you the ability to pool and interpret all your event planning data, even from multiple sources.

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Why Choose Us for Event Planning?

With our advanced platform, you can perform the planning process of an entire organization team — in one simple, streamlined space:

Save time and money

Think of the extensive lifecycle of an event when you’re planning from scratch — it requires so much time and resources that would be better spent on other aspects of your business. We take all the details and puts them in one place so you can plan quickly and easily. Plus, it saves you big on budgeting — instead of multiple systems and costly integrations, you can count on one seamless platform to take care of it all.

Enhance communication

Don’t worry about wasting your time on tedious, hand-typed reminders to every staff member. Our automated SMS and email communication systems take the small but essential details off your hands.

Gain visibility

Explore your in-depth data and reporting to gain insights into the functional areas of your event planning.

Stay organized

All that event paperwork just got so much easier. Manage function requests, supply requests, staff time — it’s all organized for you.


Enjoy the ease and efficiency of streamlining your planning process with flexible features, comprehensive capabilities, and all-in-one functionality.

Seamless Integration With 40+ CRMs and AMS

If you’re worried about the time-consuming, costly process of integrating new software and replacing other systems, rest easy. Offering event management CRM integration with more than 40 AMS and CRM software systems makes your tech transition seamless. Our robust platform’s integration capabilities mean almost anyone can use it — and it will work with your existing systems. We can’t think of an easier way to start implementing better event management.

An All-In-One Event Management Tool

The most complete, comprehensive suite of event management tools for your business and your event. Customizable to your preferences, it does more than offer you a full set of functions — it lets you configure them to provide exactly what you need.

Take advantage of our variety of award-winning, advanced platform — and deliver an experience like no other. Request a demo, get a quote or call 1-800-376-9174 to learn more today!


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