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One overlooked way that event planning organizations can streamline their process is with effective event badge printing services. Finding a badge for each attendee as they arrive and check-in can often be a confusing, frustrating and time-consuming process. Configio’s event registration software can make your conference registration management much more efficient with software that produces badges for each attendee as they arrive, on-demand. That means there’s no need for a crowded table full of pre-printed badges for staff to hunt through with every registration.


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How It Works

Badge printing services work by using information already in your database, which the software picks out and sends wirelessly to a printer that prints your badge out on demand. There are two main processes for this: facial recognition and self-serve badge printing.

Facial recognition is where attendees look into a camera and software checks their image against the database to immediately print out an ID badge.

With self-service badge printing, attendees receive a barcode via email beforehand, which they scan at a kiosk on-site to activate their profile in the database and have the software print their badge, much like the process of checking in at the airport.

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Conference Check-In Management Software

Our conference check-in management software makes on-demand badge printing simple, whether through facial recognition, self-serve kiosks or both. Configio event registration software integrates with just about every CRM or AMS database your company is likely to use, meaning it will have no problem connecting to your database and locating the necessary information to print badges.

This process will dramatically speed up your registration process and enhance the user experience. Attendees are sure to appreciate having full control over their own check-in, as it eliminates the frustration of standing in long lines while workers process registrations. It will also save those workers the aggravation of dealing with frustrated registrants and frees them up to perform other tasks.

This software is easy to use and implement, and it helps get your event moving from the start. Those who arrive on time will be able to get to the event floor fast, and those who come late won’t have to hunt down workers to check them in, since you can leave registration kiosks open at all times for attendees to access for themselves.

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Why Configio’s Event Badge Printing Service Is Better

Configio’s event planning software is your best choice because it’s a complete suite of event planning services, including event expense tracking software, exhibitor planning software and event registration software. You can customize the software so that it has all the features you need to make your event run as smoothly as possible, from badge printing to processing payments all the way to analyzing attendee data.

We’re happy to show you how it all works. Contact us now for a free demo, give us a call at 1-800-376-9174 or contact us online to discuss our badge printing services or any other aspect of our event planning software.


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