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In today’s society, data is king. This is true for any industry, including those involving event and conference planning. With our high-quality attendee tracking software, every event is an opportunity to collect untold amounts of valuable data. You can monitor all of the attendees as they interact with exhibitors, vendors or other attendees during the event. You can see where your hot spots are and when your attendees are most active. You can use all this information to plan future events, anticipate the needs of your attendees and help you decide which vendors and exhibitors are most beneficial for you to pursue.

Session Tracking Technology

The key to drilling down when it comes to your attendee tracking data is our session tracking technology. This refers to software that allows you to collect very specific metrics for each attendee that enters your event and sessions. It can tell you every session each attendee participates in and even how long they participate. If attendees are leaving certain sessions early, you will know about it.

You can restrict access to sessions using this same technology so only pre-registered attendees can enter certain events and award continuing education credits based on time spent in sessions.

We also offer tools like RFID or NFC to track attendees without their even realizing it or having to take any action to activate it. These tools are effective for helping you collect data on traffic patterns over the course of your event.

This data can be tremendously useful in helping you decide which sessions are the most valuable, what times of day to stage different parts of your event and even which attendees to target in the future.

Conference Session Attendance Tracking Software

Our conference session attendance tracking software allows you to perform effective session tracking and analyze the data you receive as a result. Because you are working with Configio software, you will have no problem integrating the data you acquire with your existing CRM or AMS database, meaning you can customize the type of data you track to meet your event’s specific needs.

This level of customization means you will have no problem tracking attendance for all different types of events, including everything from trade shows to conferences to conventions and even exhibitions and continuing education sessions. You can even adjust the parameters of the software to suit different types of events. Our users agree that Configio is unrivaled for compatibility, flexibility and ease-of-use in a feature-rich event software program.

Through conference and session tracking, you gain invaluable insight into your event dynamics and the ability to make data-driven decisions to improve your event for greater success.

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Event Analysis and Reporting Software

Configio is your source for all event planning software. Our software solutions encompass conference session attendance tracking software, event expense tracking software and franchise performance tracking software, as well as event analysis and reporting software. Configio easily integrates with all major CRMs and AMSs, so you should have no difficulty getting the data into your system for easy analysis and future planning.

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