Configio’s recent update with WebEx integration has brought together the two platforms to enable users to collaborate in live WebEx meetings with content hosted in Configio. The new integration works to enhance collaboration and productivity and steps up the focus on the overall user experience. The new WebEx integration delivers a simple setup process that enables Configio to share content from its Learning Management System. This works for easy and elegant collaboration with end-users. If you are looking to take your online learning and training programs to the next level, then the integration delivers exactly what you need. With a dynamic, interactive way of training employees, customers and students, it becomes possible to boost training effectiveness while delivering a real, virtual classroom experience. WebEx Meeting Center, WebEx Event Center and Training Center provide an integrated portal for all forms of training courses that includes videos, podcasts, webinars and traditional classes. With WebEx, it becomes possible to serve as a single point of your audience. The easy-to-use integration solves real business issues. If there is a need to review documents with a few people or discuss documentation, WebEx does it. No need for users to trek from place to place for in-house meetings – WebEx can take care of it. Benefits of Integration
  1. Automatically schedules sessions. When integrating WebEx and Configio, a WebEx session is automatically created when booking is made.
  2. One-on-one meetings as well as group sessions. When a booking is made, it creates a new WebEx session. And when multiple end-users sign up, each booking receives the all WebEx details.
  3. Support for canceling and rescheduling. When there is a booking cancellation, Configio automatically updates the account with all the necessary changes.
  4. Integrated notifications. WebEx session details are a key part of Configio notifications which enables end-users to receive confirmation with all required information.
Automatically login to your LMS and connect to WebEx with a simple click. Let Configio do all the legwork for you.
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