Real-time collaboration with far-flung allies is one of the most powerful advances that our ever increasingly networked existence provides. Above and beyond the kids using FaceTime to chat with Grandma, video conferencing has exceptionally practical applications in the business world. It’s a big world, and distance has historically limited our capabilities to efficiently and effectively conduct business with remote clients, vendors and co-workers. Virtual Meeting technology and methodologies have improved exponentially in recent years, making even seemingly recent tech resemble using cups and strings to talk with neighbors, while ma-and-pa cut the heat of a late August evening with a pitcher of sweet tea and the entire neighborhood waited for the temperature to drop enough to go to sleep. The remaining hurdle is navigating the integration of your systems with those of virtual meeting providers. Once solved, meetings can occur with minimal setup for your attendees so that the collective time and energy may actually be focused on achieving goals. That is why Configio rocks! We have eliminated this pain-point by seamlessly integrating with providers like WebEx and GoToMeeting, so that registering for a Configio Event enrolls them in the virtual meeting. All that remains for them to do is click a link and join the meeting. It’s quick. It’s slick. It makes it so easy to join your meetings… okay Tom, stop singing! Adding a virtual meeting to your Configio Event takes just a few clicks. You may add, edit or cancel meetings directly from the Configio. You can setup email reminders to be sent automatically before the meeting begins. You can be sure that we have eliminated the integration challenges that traditionally plague virtual meetings, so that your teleconferences can be fabulous!
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