We understand the dedication and commitment that goes into planning your event. And your event app is your tool to help you educate and inform your attendees, build attendee engagement, drive attendee networking, add value for your sponsors and exhibitors and so much more. But an event app is only as good as the number of attendees that download it.

If you put all this time and effort into your event, and its app, but no one uses the app, then you are missing out on boosting crucial networking and session attendance and garnering real time analytics that flow from app usage metrics. Here are the ten best ways you can maximize value and increase download numbers.

We’ve outlined the first few strategies right here.  Download the full guide to receive all ten for free.

1. Launch the App Early

Timing is critical in developing a solid app usage strategy. For the most momentum going into an event we recommend launching the app three weeks prior to your event. Within this time period you will have ample build up time as well as a nice window for your attendees to download and take a look at the app prior to the event.

2. Stop Providing Paper Event Information

If attendees know that the only way to get information about the event is within the app, then they are way more likely to download the event app.

make event app easy to download

3. Promote the App Early

All too many conferences make the assumption that their attendees will guess that they have an app and download it. You must make sure from the beginning to end that your app’s existence is well communicated to attendees. Let your attendees know when the app is available and ready to be downloaded and provide all the relevant download information. Promotion is huge. Attendees won’t download the app if they don’t know it exists. The following are good pre- event methods to promote the app:

1. Dedicated Email Blast:   The best way to deliver a clear message about your app is to have an email blast that is dedicated solely to the event app rather than just adding a line or two about the app to another email. Be very clear on how to access the app. Ensure that this email includes links to download the app in a very obvious format, as well as gives information about some of the app’s features and benefits. Include a QR code and written instructions on how to download the app.

2. Registration Page: You can even put a link to download the app on the registration page that confirms their Even if the content is not fully fleshed out, you can put something to the effect that the info will be coming, but at least they will have downloaded it. And when you promote it, make sure they understand why it’s an important event technology tool to have – because they will have all the relevant event info right at their fingertips. Seems like a fact you don’t need to stress, but you do.

3. Signature Links: Publicize the app’s existence by including a small sentence and link in the email signatures of all your staff members. Make it part of your signature from the time you launch, to the time of your event. As they communicate, the link will always be

4. Social Media: Use your social media channels to promote the app and all its great features like speakers, sessions and gamification. Include a link to download the

5. Website: Create a special section on your website devoted to the app; and pay particular attention to giving easy instructions on how to download Be sure to direct people to this page on the website in every pre event email.

To download the full guide, and the rest of the 10 best ways to get attendees to download your event app, click below.

Kate Dodd