Not everyone is, who will sell anything to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Some of you have proprietary products, and you must vet potential customers to safeguard your offerings. Some of you have sensitive content that is only appropriate to be viewed by some of your customers, and this content must be firewalled from your other customers. Those of you who deal with these realities, and who are in the know, choose Configio. People access the Internet and create accounts in publicly facing systems all the time. In most e-commerce systems, they are instantaneously given the opportunity to purchase what they like. And in most content hosting systems, they gain access to all content immediately. Configio empowers you, or one of your agents, to approve new accounts prior to purchasing your products or viewing secured web pages. You receive a notification that an account has been created and that it requires approval. Prior to your approval, that account is prevented from doing anything that you don’t want them to. As soon as you approve their account, they are automatically notified and given the green light to start shopping, view courses, purchase products, access content and all other access you previously restricted. If the account is denied, then they cannot access your restricted content. You may be managing a large company with several departments. You may also be managing aspects of partner organizations. That can be a headache, but Configio is the aspirin. You can structure your database into organizations; each organization can have departments; and each department can have managers. Account approvals can be routed to managers via key indicators like email address domains, the page from which the account was registered from, and answers to questions presented during the registration process. We make it possible, and you make it a reality. Configio has a vast understanding of the complicated digital commercial landscape in which we asked navigate. Perhaps you have long needed what we can offer, but didn’t know of a capable system? Contact us today at 800-376-9174 for a free evaluation and demonstration. We might just be the right partner to be riding with.
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