Configio’s Refer a Friend program helps your customers spread the word about your products and services, and in doing so, they can be awarded a coupon to use on future purchases. Upon checkout, your customer will see a Refer button in the Share Your Purchase section of the Order Confirmation Page. Clicking it returns a form to input their friend’s name and email address. Configio then sends their friend a customizable email message with a link to the Product. If the friend purchases the Product (or other qualifying Products), then your customer will be sent an award email with a coupon code. This code can be used on future purchases of Products that are assigned the code’s Discount. You can have multiple Refer a Friend programs, and different programs can run simultaneously. In addition to being able to Refer a Friend via the Confirmation Page, there is a dedicated Landing Page for each program. We are very excited about this new program. It was submitted to us by our community, and we are thrilled to have made their business idea into a reality!
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