Streamline your race registration and management with Configio.

Configio is an award-winning, customizable platform that allows you to manage all aspects of your race efficiently, including registration and volunteer management.


Configio’s comprehensive platform gives you all the tools you need to manage your race from registration to the finish line. Configio offers features like online registration and volunteer management, bibb assignments for race participants, online store to sell additional products, media designer to create custom race certificates, and more.

Online Registration

Allow participants to easily register online through a secure website, which can be fully designed, branded, and managed in Configio.

Volunteer Management

Coordinate volunteer schedules and assignments, manage online sign-ups for volunteer positions, create and list different volunteer types, and more all from the Configio platform

Waiver and Form Collection

Collect participant signatures for race waivers and consent forms. Manage these forms within the Configio platform and allow participants to view their signed waivers.

Waves and Corrals

Easily manage start waves for your race and create corral assignments based on previous race times or experience level.

Bibb Assignments

Create and assign participant bibs to each person as they register. Distribute bib assignments and packet pick-up information with automated emails.

Analytics and Reporting

Create custom reports to quickly review data. Control who has access to reports and what information is shared. Track and measure your registrations, sales, and more across multiple easy-to-read dashboards.

Online Store

Sell additional products and registrations in your own online store, such as race t-shirts, water bottles and more. Send recommended product notifications to increase sales or have products automatically added to each participant’s cart.

Media Designer

Design your own unique print and media assets directly within the Configio platform. Easily create promotional graphics, bib, flyers, personalized certificates, and anything else you may need for your race.


We knew that we found a platform that understood how to serve our unique customer, the race participant, in the right way with Configio. 

The platform is all-encompassing and all connected, from registration to the back-end elements like packet pickup. There were a number of unique nuances specific to our race that Configio was able to understand, build, and integrate into an overall platform to manage our whole operation. Configio is where we collect customer information, manage registration, determine participant’s wave assignments, what kind of packet they will receive and how it will be delivered, and more. Configio is constantly evolving and being developed to provide enhancements in response to what its users need and what they are asking for.

– Cliff Bosley, Race Director, BoulderBOLDER

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