There are business scenarios where it makes sense to require your customers to a purchase something once, and then not have to purchase it again. It may be for something like a uniform, or perhaps for a onetime enrollment charge. This is easily accomplished with Configio, which enables your products to be setup for a one-time-only purchase. With Configio, this process is seamless for your customers. If your customer hasn’t purchased your required product before, the product is shown on the details page of the product that they are shopping for. When they add it to their shopping cart, the required product is conveniently and automatically added as well. As they shop for more products, your customers do not see the required product again, and it is never added to the cart during their second purchase. As always, the idea for this feature was submitted by a client. We loved the idea, and we knew that other members of the Configio community would as well. Our team of Project Managers, Software Engineers, and Software Testers turned the idea into a great feature. If you would like training on the feature, please contact Support at 1-800-375-2191 or If you are shopping for an e-commerce platform, and if you think that this feature is just what you need, please contact Sales at 1-800-376-9174 or at Have a wonderful day!
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