Configio has built so many features… How many features has it built? Configio has built so many features, that when we published PDF file listing them all, it was ten pages long! The file contains a wide-array of unique features that are all part of a single platform. We have an eco-system of e-commerce features, a myriad of media features, a league of e-learning features, and a sleigh of sales features.

To tell the truth, we were surprised after tallying the list that there were over three-hundred unique features. We are so busy every week developing and launching new features, it is rare to have an opportunity to stop and appreciate everything that we have already created.

We build features in direct response to the real needs of specific clients, not as a response to a perceived need in the market. We build them so that other clients can use them if they so desire, but if not, then they don’t get in the way.

Take a look yourself at You might just find that one missing piece that your business critically needs.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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