Configio HQ is all abuzz about Time Blocks. What are Time Blocks? Time Blocks are a completely new and innovative way to create and offer any product that has recurring schedule. The process is simple and powerful. You define a schedule and how often it will occur for the product you are offering, and Configio creates an appointment style calendar for your new product. You can define every type of recurrence that you can imagine and even schedule blackout dates. That is powerful. Once created your customers can schedule appointments from the times you made available.  It’s that is simple. Time Blocks work with our Schedule Builder, which is also a brand new feature. It is a visually rich and intuitively designed calendaring tool with robust functionality. Your customers select which day they want to attend; Configio displays all locations available on that day; Configio displays all times available for that date at that location. Then your customer selects from the available times that fit their schedule and Configio shows them additional products that go with their selection to help with upsells.  It is elegant, easy, and fun for your customers to use. Time Blocks are completely new, and it is nearly impossible to go over all the ways that it can be used to drive sales and customer satisfaction in a blog post. We encourage existing customers to contact Support at 1-800-375-2191 or for an overview that is tailored to your business. If you are shopping for an e-commerce platform, please contact Sales at 1-800-376-9174 or at – you would be remiss if you didn’t.
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