Generating sponsorship revenue is crucial to the success of your event, and the success of your organization. Your event has a long lifecycle, and numerous opportunities to generate dollars. Here are some key ways to take advantage of all the opportunities your event has to offer to add to your bottom line and generate dependable revenue streams.

We’ve outlined the first few strategies right here.  Download the guide to receive the full guide for free.

First Things First … Understand What Your Sponsors Want

You can’t sell something if you don’t have a credible sponsorship strategy. To create that you need a few key things:

  • Clear and Insightful Data: Sponsors need to be able to effectively measure their ROI (i.e. click-throughs of banner ads, surveys answered, enhanced listings accessed etc.).
  • Understand What Attendees Want: If you know what they want they will use what is sponsored (i.e. Is the show floor huge to walk through? Provide a quick, sponsored way to help them to navigate that show floor).
  • Personalization: If the event experience is personalized to the attendee, sponsor dollars can be closely matched with a targeted customer.
  • Lots of Pricing: Provide both packages and ala carte for your sponsors to choose from.
  • Understand What Your Sponsors Want: Is their goal increasing brand awareness, introducing a new product or just engaging with a particular audience? Understand each sponsor’s end game so your options can be tailored to that particular sponsor.

generate event sponsorship revenue before, during and after the event

The Revenue Power of Event Technology is Huge…Before, During and After the Event

Yes, there are the traditional ways to generate sponsorships like hosting parties and branding a sponsor logo on event tote bags (and we’ll get to those), but event technology provides unique opportunities for sponsors to:

  • Creatively attract attendees’ attention in a state-of-the-art way,v
  • Engage attendees at numerous touchpoints, and
  • Have actual tracking methods to demonstrate

Event technology is a key driver of sponsorship revenue and offers numerous opportunities for revenue generation before, during and after your event.

Download the full guide to generating sponsorship revenue before, during and after the event here.

Kate Dodd