With the advent of online content marketing, company resources have become available to consumers like never before. When content marketing adopters and non-adopters were compared, the adopters had conversion rates that were nearly six times higher than their competitors. But many organizations are still missing the mark on sharing resources with their customers. The few existing tools aimed at disseminating customer knowledge which efficiently and effectively communicates and engages with customers still do not provide a solution when it comes to sharing content.

That’s where Configio comes in.

Configio’s Document Library makes it easy to bring together all the data that you’ve collected about your industry and product into one centralized view. No longer will your customers have to wait to receive or search for content like reports, videos, podcasts and case studies. As part of the Configio platform, the Document Library works as a digital resource center that provides customers anytime access to needed content files. The Document Library stores, shares and manage documents and multi-media. It enables your customers to have access to all the documents and presentations you post, and also helps your teams retain customers by keeping them engaged with new collateral.

How it works

Configio’s Document library contains electronic files (PDF, DOC, XLS, etc.) that are uploaded by Admins. Admins can then grant access to the files to customers. By putting all your files, content and information in one place, it becomes easier to find exactly what your Users are looking for using easy-to-use filters, tags and categories.

Assigning Documents to Products

Admins can assign Document Library Files to Products, and then customers gain access to the files by purchasing the Products Products.  The order confirmation screen links to the document library, where they can view or download the file.


The Document Library makes it easy for marketing and sales teams to send email reminders to customers. The emails can contain access links to Document Library files. Customers can use the files to be prepared for  tradeshows or webinars.

The User’s Experience

The Document Library is both user-friendly and intuitive, enabling Users to search and find files quickly and efficiently. By logging into their account, Users can access their files using the Menu links to the Document Library. The familiar text box search control enables Users to find files by their Title or Description. Users can also select Tags to discover files. Delivering value to our audiences via content has become a critical component of today’s digital marketing process. The more value we deliver, the more receptive will our audiences be. How effectively are you managing your content? Are you giving your users access to a comprehensive and user-friendly way of accessing information?
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