Prospecting and retention are two key processes that sales reps spend a significant amount of time handling. According to the Huffington Post, on average, a sales rep spends 13 hours per week reading, writing, and forwarding emails. With such a substantial amount of time spent on email activity, it becomes critical to be more efficient and effective.

The Configio Case

If you are having conversations with your prospects and customers via Gmail, it’s vital that these interactions are set in writing for future reference. And if you are having conversations with your prospects via Gmail, the best way to ensure that you won’t lose data is by syncing your account with your CRM. Configio’s CRM Chrome Extension for Gmail makes it possible to ensure that relationship management is a more productive and efficient process – a must-have component of relationship management. The Chrome extension enables you to have more control of your customer relationships when Gmail gets synced to your CRM. Now, when you compose or reply to messages, you will have the option to “Send To Configio”. Configio’s CRM Chrome Extension for Gmail allows you to perform email functions within Gmail that will allow you to archive messages, create new opportunities, and create new cases. The goal is to make it easy to store Gmail messages in one central location, so that all customer data is archived.

How does it work?

When sending messages from Gmail, Configio enables you to record those messages as CRM Communications in the Configio Admin. If the recipient’s email address matches a single CRM Contact, then a CRM Communication is automatically recorded. If that match isn’t found, then you are redirected to Configio to create the record. This enables you to synchronize customer emails between both platforms. After syncing your emails, you can view all of them under the lead or contact page in your CRM (see figure 1).


  • Centralizing all customer information and correspondence inside your CRM
  • All leads, contacts and opportunities are continuously updated automatically
  • You can track all of your email Communications in your CRM
  • Allows you to manage your inbox


  • Send and receive all emails without leaving your Gmail account
  • Share your emails with team members from CRM
  • View the conversation threads that are happening in your Gmail automatically in your CRM
This extension is a time-saver. It allows you to keep contacts and deals up-to-date while automating all processes as you work out of your inbox without having to switch tabs and input customer data. Deals happen much faster when your sales reps get instant access and information on account updates. Syncing email and CRM leaves a virtual paper trail that holds everyone involved and accountable – including customers. The Configio Gmail Chrome Extension is available in the Chrome App Store.
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