Configio’s e-commerce platform has the flexibility to serve mom and pop-sized clients, who maybe have a dozen products, to enterprise-level clients, who have tens of thousands of products. Trying to manage tens of thousands of products individually can be time consuming and error-prone. That is why we created our Bulk Product Update feature. It empowers our enterprise-level clients to efficiently manage their large product catalogs. Our Bulk Product Update feature is integrated with our Advanced Product Search feature. This enables our clients to search on combinations of over forty product attributes to intelligently group products for an update. Perhaps they have added a secondary payment gateway, and only some of their products need to be on that gateway. They can use Advanced Product Search to build that list of products, and then they can use Bulk Product Update to make the change. Bulk Product Update is a tremendously powerful tool, but when used by untrained administrators, potentially unwanted updates could be made. That is why it is turned OFF by default for every site Administrator of each of our clients, only our Support team can turn it ON, and only after training. We are excited about it, we love it, and we want it to be used, but we would rather it stay safely locked-up until our team can train you on its proper use. If you are an existing client, and you would like more information, please checkout the Help Center Article. If you would like training on the feature, please contact Support at 1-800-375-2191 or If you are shopping for an e-commerce platform, and if you think that this is right for you, please contact Sales at 1-800-376-9174 or at
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