Much can change leading up to the date of a workshop, seminar, or meeting. Sometimes these changes can put the event in jeopardy. Events get cancelled, which is always disappointing, and often inconvenient, or even worse.  Your customers, partners, vendors, and employees need to know the statuses of your events, and when the status changes, they need to know right away. This falls on the event organizer, and the inability to manage this can lead to loss of present and future business opportunities. Configio enables you to manage this risk with ease. Every product in a Configio database can be assigned both an internal and external status. The names of these statuses are entirely configurable. For example, you may wish to have “Pending”, “Confirmed”, and “Cancelled” as your external statuses, and “Neutral”, “No Go”, and “Go” as your internal statuses. You can call them what you wish, and you can have as many statuses as you need. You may wish to have some statuses that you use for event products, and other statuses that you use for merchandise products. This is easy with Configio. When you create a product in Configio, you can assign it both an internal status and an external status. The external status is shown as a label in your product catalog. You can color code the label’s background and text for ease of use, esthetics, and gravitas. The internal status is shown only to your Database Administrators. This gives you the flexibility to manage the fluctuations of an ever-changing business environment. Now, it is one thing to simply flip a switch, change a status, and call it good. This puts the responsibility of checking the status on everyone else, which to the true business professional, could be irresponsible. Configio automates the communication piece. You can craft a message, using operators that print-out the status, then create a trigger for the email to fire when the status changes. You can target the email to your customers, your partners, or your administrators. You can have one email triggered on the status changing to a positive state, “buy your plane ticket”, and another email triggered on the status changing to a negative state, “expect a refund on your deposit”. You can have a hundred emails with a hundred triggers. You get the idea. Like all features in the Configio platform, custom product statuses and email triggers are developed in house, and in response to pressing business needs by our clients. They are developed, tested, documented, and supported by some of the best and brightest minds in the industry. And they, combined with all of our other great tools, enable you to run your business in a thoughtful, organized, and diligent manner. We are true professionals dedicated to empowering others to do great things. Configio – let’s see what we can do together, today.
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